Stardew Valley Intellectual Property

Stardew Valley is a great game and I have played it for years. The art assets in The Isle of Elanor have not been copied from Stardew Valley (SDV).

I’ve lost track of the number of SDV fans who send sometimes vicious emails telling me to stop using SDV graphics. I always politely ask them to show me a single image from The Isle of Elanor that comes from SDV. Most of them apologize after not being able to do so.

The Isle of Elanor and SDV are fundamentally different games in many ways. The Isle of Elanor is set in an imaginary time period that predates the modern world of SDV.

ConcernedApe (the creator of SDV) worked hard on his artwork. That’s why all of the assets from The Isle of Elanor are original.

Please compare the assets in the screenshots with the assets from SDV. You will find differences in structure, design and color. The trees, shrubs, rocks, everything in The Isle of Elanor cannot be found in SDV.

The pickaxe in SDV is very similar to the Minecraft pickaxe. Many art assets from SDV are similar to Harvest Moon art assets.

Did ConcernedApe steal those assets?

Obviously, he didn’t. He was working within the constraints of 16 pixel tiles. 16 pixels is the graphical unit size in SDV, Harvest Moon and The Isle of Elanor. When you have only 16 pixels to work with, it’s physically impossible to draw some items that don’t look like items from other 16 pixel tile games.

The main character sprite in The Isle of Elanor is 2 pixels taller and 2 pixels thinner than the SDV main character. That’s a huge difference when you only have 16 pixels to work with.

Stardew is a great game. I will probably play some SDV tonight with my daughter.