Stardew Valley Intellectual Property

Many visitors to this blog might be wondering, “Well, it’s very nice that you would like to make a game that looks and behaves like Stardew Valley, but you can’t just steal graphics from Stardew and use them in your game. You are a thief!”

My reply is that when the game that I am working on is released, not a single pixel of graphical content from Stardew Valley will be shipped with it. Eric Barone worked hard on creating the graphics for Stardew Valley and I will not be using those graphics when my game goes to production.

There are no Stardew Valley graphics in use in the latest versions of my game. Early versions contained SDV graphics as I was using those for prototyping. I have redrawn all of the graphical content in the latest screenshots that have been posted to this blog, and the game does not use SDV graphical content.