Build Notes

Build 0.0.4 — March 3, 2023

The game screen is now resizeable and zoomable and the demo can be played in fullscreen mode.
World map generation is working. Maps beyond the player’s home can be visited.
A few simple quests can now be completed.
Improvements to the NPC dialog allowing for continuing conversations.
Plants and mushrooms are now generating on each map and in many cases are specific to each map.

Build 0.0.3 — October 2, 2022

Crafting has been redesigned. The player can now only craft basic items in the player’s Main Menu. The majority of items are now crafted via a series of workbenches. There will be a Carpenter’s Workbench, Mason’s Workbench, etc.

You can now right click on a machine or workbench and load ingredients. Eventually you will be able to see the completion status and cancel an item.

This is a major improvement over the old behavior where you had to manually load the machine for each item that you wanted to produce.

Build 0.0.2 — September 14, 2022

Added an initial version of the Alchemy and Potion Crafting systems.

Added random spawning of flower and mushrooms which can be used to brew potions.

Added random spawning of small bushes that yield a fiber when harvested with the sickle.

Build 0.0.1 — June 6, 2022

Welcome to the initial demo build of The Isle of Elanor!

Press “G” to say “Good Day” to an NPC. If you are in range of the NPC, the NPC will respond to you.

In future game updates, this will be critical for briefly stopping an NPC when they are going about their daily business. You can then engage in a detailed conversation. And naturally NPCs will like it when you talk with them.

Equip a torch in the light slot in the inventory screen for light. (You don’t have to hold a torch over your head for light.)

Most items and NPCs in the game can be examined using shift + right click.

When you have a shield equipped in either hand, right click to raise the shield. You need a Constitution of 11 to equip a shield.

If you equip a weapon in either hand, the weapon will appear at the top of the Skill Bar.

There is a random chance that a chestnut tree will produce a chestnut if you shake it.

If remove the top soil from an area and dig in that area with the pickaxe, clay will randomly spawn. Eventually you will be able to dig through the clay to reveal other layers (coal or other substances), and perhaps discover entrances to other levels.

If you craft an item from stone, the item takes the color of stone from which it was crafted.

If an item or NPC catches fire, you can extinguish the fire if you equip the watering can and right click the item to pour water.

When you create a new game, large areas of some maps are procedurally generated.

Hold down the key that triggers a skill (such as fireball) for additional power.

Keybindings will be coming to the Player Dialog. Until then, a brief list:

  • Examine item or NPC: shift + right click, C
  • Use tool or weapon: left click, X
  • Interact with item: right click, C
  • Open game menu: escape, E
  • Greet an NPC: G
  • Move up: W
  • Move left: A
  • Move down: S
  • Move right: D

In the future a wiki will provide more detail on the user interface.

This build focuses on testing the Steam release system, and providing a preview of the character creation and combat systems in the game. Major areas of the game are not included.

The demo includes limited functionality. There’s too many disabled areas of the game to cover. However, of note:

  • The demo maps are small. They are not representative of the larger maps that will appear in the full release.
  • The Intro.
  • Resizing the screen.
  • Only a few items and NPCs are available.
  • The demo ends after 16 hours of “in game” time.
  • Sleeping.