Following the release of The Isle of Elanor to Early Access on February 5th, I will be releasing feature updates to Steam every Friday. The focus of the weekly feature updates are the items in the short-term development list.

Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions. It’s not comprehensive: I will be adding detail to the roadmap going forward.

The short-term development list includes the following items. These items are my immediate focus of work. I will periodically move items from the short-term development list to the long-term list and vice versa.

(1) Overworld Map Generation

  • Add the towns of Woolwich and Hardborough. Add vendors to the towns where items gained from farming, fishing and adventuring may be sold.
  • Add randomly available lairs and dungeons to overworld areas.
  • Change overworld map areas to be biome specific. The soil and plants of each overworld map area will change based on the area’s biome. For example, only the forest biome is currently implemented.
  • Restrict player harvesting of resources from NPC owned maps.
  • Increase map tile variety.

(2) Adventuring Game Loop

  • Add variety to mob loot generation. Mobs need to generate more saleable loot as an income stream for the player.
  • Add more mob types. Currently the only mob type is slime.

(3) Farming Game Loop

  • Add a vendor specific item that the player can use to auto sell items at the end of the day. Thus, the player won’t have to carry all items to the vendor for sale. The player speaks to a particular vendor to acquire the vendor specific chest/bin for selling items.

(4) Fishing Game Loop

  • Multiple types of fishing: line, net and spear.
  • The types of fish randomly generate based on overworld map biome type.
  • Fish are only visible to the player based on distance to the fish. You have to move close to a fishing location to see which fish might be visible on the surface of the water.

(5) Overworld Map Movement

  • Add ability for the player to move via the overworld map.
  • Add a chance for the player to be lost when moving via the overworld map. When lost, the player cannot access movement via the overworld map until the player recovers their sense of location.

The long term development list includes the following items.

(1) NPC Behavioral Artificial Intelligence

(2) Random Quest Generation

(3) Branching Plot Lines

(4) Weather

(5) Player Configurable Map Size

(6) Crafting

(7) Player Constructable Buildings

(8) Factions

(9) Relationships

(10) NPC Emotional State

(11) Skills

(12) Player Leveling

(13) Item Upgrading

  • Diablo style item upgrades, or Divinity style rune item upgrades.

(14) Seasons

(15) Town Events and Festivals

(16) Send and receive mail messages to NPCs

(17) Multiplayer

(18) Localization

(19) Controller Support

(20) Deep Water Movement

  • Swimming in deep water.
  • Traveling via boat in deep water.